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  1. Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.
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Was spot on and has helped me gain valuable insight into many areas of my life. See all 4 customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

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I never thought that a single book on Astrology could open my eyes so much to the meaning of life, but WOW, this one sure did. I am absolutely blown away at the accuracy and detail of Jan's insights into my Moon Nodes, and for the first time ever I finally understand: A Why I've always felt this internal conflict between two different extremes of being in the world B Which of the options I need to choose I have read and re-read and will keep re-reading the sections that apply to me, because they're SO helpful, and every time I read them, I understand more about how to be the best possible version of me, and what I need to step up and do to truly achieve what my soul wanted from this lifetime.

I shared the book with my husband and he too was blown away by the relevance and insights Jan shares. Now, in both our cases, we've realised that the things that will lead us forward in our soul's journey ie our North Nodes are things that we've been struggling to do, and bring up a lot of resistance to tackling them. But now that we understand that that's our way forward, and that doing things in the way that comes so naturally easily to us "is not scheduled to work in this lifetime", we finally have a focus.

I now know which direction I should be headed in, what behaviours to leave behind, and how to make the most of this precious life. I am so blessed to have come across this book. Verified Purchase. Huge, helpful information in this book. I was surprised and delighted by the easy to follow information it provided.

Each Node has about 50 pages worth of info. Helpful to read yours first, then, with permission, explore your friends and family's in order to understand and have compassion of who they are and where they are coming from. Humbling, empowering. Amazing book. Spot on!

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

You can learn a lot about yourself with this book. There is no other book around like this.

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This book provided a reawakening and a map to deep inner working of the psyche, heart, and soul that I didn't even realize was missing. I was never even into astrology before this book, but I consider this work to be as life-changing as learning about Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram. Perfect for seekers and mystics who like to go deep! Even though this book is only focused on one aspect of a natal chart--the North Node--it's arguably the most important element for us all to consider and reflect on as we move through this lifetime.

ARIES: Assess if there are any needs you or a partner have that are unspoken, unknown and perhaps hidden, only coming to life when conflict and chaos arise. Asking about values and needs are good questions to ask in all relationships with self and others , and especially now. Are there legal situations you must tend to?

Carefully make plans for later implementation. You protect, hide and shield information until the right time comes forth, and now is that time. Are you asking others to help you? Asking them what they need in return?

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The October 2018 Hunter’s Moon Comes in for the Kill

Clear communication is the sign of the disciple. With the stars? Write down by hand what you value most in daily life? Make it into a journal. Go slow. Call an old intelligent friend. Your appetite may increase. Something slips into your life that makes you happier, creating a surging forth of determination and courage and a new sense of creativity. Prepare for a new life to appear. You have become orderly and organized.

LEO: Should you feel you cannot possibly leave home, remain there quietly for a while. Tend to personal issues, things domestic like cleaning and clearing, gardening and cooking, allowing yourself also time for research. Contact previous friends. Is there a misunderstanding to be explained, something or someone needing care and tending?

October 24 Zodiac

Someone moves. Your appetite and feelings for food may change dramatically.

Astrology for the Soul October 24, 2018

Drink water with marigold flowers and mint. Monetary situations continue to unfold. New ideas stream into your mind and you ponder many ways you are creative. How many journals do you have now? Assess them carefully. Where Taurus longs for peace and comfort, Scorpio demands intensity and passionate involvement. Where Taurus seeks security, Scorpio is an emotional risk-taker. It is this tension between the conscious solar energy and the lunar instincts and feelings that creates the emotionality for which Full Moons are famous and with four planets in Scorpio right now, the passion and drive of our feelings will be intensified even more.

This Full Moon is made even more powerful by the connection to Uranus, planet of radical change, which is aligned exactly with the Taurus Moon. Where the Taurus Moon instills us with a longing for peace and equanimity, Uranus acts as the disrupter to shake us up and break down any routine or situation in which we have become stuck. Becoming stuck is a hallmark of the Taurus experience which does not care for change, so this Full Moon will not be a comfortable one for many of us.

All Full Moons have the potential to deliver an infusion of magic, and this one is no exception. If there is an area of your life where you are dissatisfied and feel marooned on an island of despair that things will ever change, there is an opportunity here to make a small step to change the pattern. Retrograde Venus aligns with the Sun in Scorpio at this Full Moon, deepening our access into our own subconscious.

How do feel about a situation?

Crystal B. Astrology - Modern Astrological Insight with a Twist

What do we want? Where do we feel stuck? Where do we feel stifled and need more space to imagine new possibilities? How can we maintain our equilibrium of the Taurus Moon while still shedding the residue of old unwanted situations? With Venus love, attraction opposite Uranus sudden change and surprise , there is the potential for new ways of relating to others and even new loves entering our lives.

Friendships, marriages, or business partnerships which have become stale or lost their zing could be reinvigorated now. This could also portend a sudden shift in financial markets.