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  1. The Astrologer’s Diary: 2-8 September 12222
  2. Daily Horoscope by Kelli Fox, the Astrologer
  3. Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter
  4. Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign

The moon meets Uranus, bringing surprises at home!

The Astrologer’s Diary: 2-8 September 12222

A productive energy flows as the moon in Aries connects with Venus, and information comes your way as the moon enters Taurus! Blessings arrive in your relationships as Venus enters Virgo, and Mercury connects with Jupiter, moving things along in your career. The moon meets Uranus, bringing surprising news. You're in a flirtatious mood today, and you're also reflecting on your budget and needs concerning security as the moon enters Virgo. Venus also enters Virgo, inspiring you to bring beauty into your everyday routine! Expect to see some cuties as you run errands.

Mercury connects with Jupiter, bringing inspiring conversations, and the moon meets Uranus, encouraging you to take a risk. The moon enters your sign today, Taurus, so make time for self care: Express your emotions and indulge in romance, especially as Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo! Mercury connects with Jupiter, encouraging you to talk about your feelings, and the moon meets Uranus, inspiring you to make some surprising changes.

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Easy energy flows in your social life—but as the moon enters Taurus, you want to slow down and get some rest. You're inspired to beautify your home as Venus enters Virgo, and your ruling planet Mercury connects with Jupiter, creating a harmonious energy for communication in your partnerships.

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  8. Flashes of psychic insight arrive as the moon meets Uranus. Good vibes flow in your career, and you're in the mood to network as the moon enters Taurus. It's a lovely time for communication as Venus enters Virgo, plus, Mercury connects with Jupiter, bringing good news about money. You're connecting with unexpected people as the moon meets Uranus.

    Daily Horoscope by Kelli Fox, the Astrologer

    What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. After Pluto was discovered in , it became associated with Scorpio instead. The snake and eagle are related to the nearby constellations of Ophiuchus and Aquila. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. For other uses, see Scorpio. For the constellation, see Scorpius. Scorpio and Sagittarius. That means having a few creature comforts and a very easy-going pace to your trip: tasty food, a thoughtful museum, maybe a cooking course. We think you should spend some time in the south of France , where the relaxed energy will revive you.

    Alternative getaway: Charleston , South Carolina is the sort of small-but-cosmopolitan city that will appeal to Crabs. There is a growing unpretentious food scene for you to splurge on, lots of history to learn about and plenty of antiques shops to snoop around in for something fine, old and, most importantly, meaningful to bring home.

    Leos — the lions of the zodiac — are ruled by the sun and tend to light up dance floors and gatherings with their warm energy. Travel is in your blood and you need to go somewhere that will produce great stories to tell for years to come. Somewhere that has it all: Argentina.

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    The blazing Buenos Aires nights will give you plenty of opportunities to get up to no good, and you can indulge your passionate, fiery personality with lavish steaks and wine, then hit the beach for a party like no other or maybe an amorous interlude with a mysterious stranger. You do nothing by halves, so plan a hiking trip in Patagonia to find those epic views you crave Alternative getaway: Hong Kong is an energetic, exciting mix for Leos, who love a little bit of everything. You are exacting and value organisation, clarity, luxury and well-being.

    Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter

    Though sometimes you come across as picky, you are in fact a sign that constantly thinks about how to perfect things and are a natural-born helper. In many ways, you live to fix, and by that count, Virgo, we reckon you need a little healing time for yourself on a spa retreat. Alternative getaway: If your soul is calling for a little more than just spa treatments, head for serene Santa Fe , New Mexico, where upscale restaurants, plush-but-unique hotels and crystal-clear mountain air are sure to satiate your maiden sensibilities.

    The most balanced sign in the zodiac is Libra, whose name in Latin and constellation are weighing scales. With such a need for symmetry in your life, we think you should head to the very centre of the world: Istanbul , a city that straddles two continents. Alternative getaway: Peacemaker Libras will also appreciate Prague , where one of the most famously non-violent transfers of power ever took place — the Velvet Revolution.

    Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign

    Brave, deep, dark and enigmatic, scorpions are drawn to the mysterious and like to push boundaries. Your ruling planet is Pluto — arguably not a planet at all, far away, difficult to see and composed largely of ice and rock — but if you manage to get up close, also beautiful, just like you, Scorpio. And like you, Johannesburg is a city with a rich personality and scars that only make it stronger.

    Alternative getaway: Explore your love of the dark of night and your curiosity about the occult in simmering New Orleans. There are plenty of voodoo rituals to witness, shadowy corners to lurk in your favourite pose and bright bars to bask in if you decide to show that elusive and addictive Scorpio magnetism. One word for you Sagittarius: expansiveness.