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Popular Vedic Astrology Books

Your selection of books and really everything else is just outstanding! Namaste, and many blessings. Thank you once again for serving life. Books on Jyotisha Indian Astrology and Vastu. If astronomy deals with the physical movement of the planets and the stars that are seen directly by the eye, astrology the phala-jyotisa part of the science of luminary cosmic objects deals with the unseen results and effects they have on our lives, to be experienced in course of time. The most important basis for this phala jyotisa or Hindu astrology is the belief that the stars and planets at the time of birth of a child, have a profound influence on its life, determining the duration of its life, general condition of its body and psyche, important events in its life and so on.

This is determined by mapping the janmarashi the rashi or zodiacal sign based on the nakshatra or asterism at the time of birth and the janmalagna the rashi in the eastern horizon at the time of sunrise, on the day of birth. The zodiac comprises the 12 rashis from Mesha, or Aries to Mina or Pisces in which the 27 nakshatras or asterisms from Ashvini to Revati are distributed. The problem, however, is in interpreting their combined effect at a given point of time, which depends not only on the astrological calculations, but also on a certain degree of intuition.

Hence, determining and predicting the future is the most difficult part of Hindu astrology. The Astottaripaddhati is more common in the North. Works of Aryabhata, Varahamihira and Bhaskaracarya belong to this group. Another interesting aspect of Hindu astrology is the prasna sastra or the science of answering questions.

Here, a horoscope is cast for the time the question is asked and the results predicted, based on it. Vastu Vastu is the layout of a building site.

Books: Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology

Before constructing a building there, the land has to be reclaimed from the gods and goblins who might be living there for aeons. This ritual of pacification is known as vastusamana. This is called vastumandala.

Buy Kannada reference, astrology books online, discounts sales, SapnaOnline India

There is an interesting legend connected with this mandala. When Shiva fought with the demon Andhaka, a drop of sweat fell from his forehead on the earth. It assumed the form of a fierce demon who attempted to devour the worlds. Then all the gods and spirits rushed towards him, felled him to the ground face downwards and pinned him there, all of them being stationed on him. The vastumandala contains him with his head in the direction north-east, and, with his hands and legs folded. Brhat Nakshatra.

Sanjay Rath. Himanshu Shangari. Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan GK. Your Personal Horoscope Joseph Polansky. Astrology for 21st Century. Teji Mandi Vigyan.

1 - 20 of 361 Results found

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