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Darkstar Astrology by Marina by Marina - 3d ago. Full Moon is trine Pluto. Full Moon healing crystal is the Chrysoprase. Fixed Star is.. Visit website. Show original. Add Tags. Darkstar Astrology by Marina by Marina - 1w ago. New Moon is opposite Uranus. New Moon healing crystal is the Red Coral. Fixed Star is Syrma.. Darkstar Astrology by Marina by Marina - 3w ago. Algorab is an infamous darkstar found in the constellation of Corvus the crow.


Libra 2020 Horoscope

Mars Retrograde takes place in your lovers and pleasure zone from June 27 to Aug This is where you want passionate Mars Retrograde to be! Oh yes, the zone of lovers, fun, leisure time and children. Mars here is not going to start any wars or get silly and resentful as it will be too busy bounding around with the dogs or ab-sailing down a cliff to be bothered with petty squabbles. Make time then to take advantage of the enthusiastic and motivating energy of the red planet and go on an adventure.


Of course Mars will be going backwards, so there can be a certain amount of frustration here too, but not if you give Mars a free rein and let it play. How can you be passive-aggressive while holding a multi-coloured swirl of ice cream smothered in hundreds and thousands? With the Aug 11 Solar Eclipse in your friendship and wishes zone, you should feel motivated to reach out to your fellow human beings. At its most basic sense, this means connecting with your immediate friends. You might suddenly feel exiled and that you do not share the same common interests any longer. Mars retrograde returns to your foundational house again on Aug 13 and turns direct on Aug This is your territory!

This way you can do your best Trump impression from the comfort of your own home. The point is you will need a sense of humour with Mars in this most sensitive zone! Venus retrograde takes place in your possessions zone. During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26, Venus is in her more sensible, prudent phase where she will want you to wisely invest her money or save it.

Libra Horoscope ~ Libra by Darkstar Astrology

Financial opportunities should come your way and your ability to make magic with those pentacles is heightened. The very worst that could happen is that you could be seduced by a gold digger, especially during the second stage of this period. Be wary of anything that looks a little too shiny and good to be true if you want to hang onto your gains. This is also a good time to reflect on your feelings of self-worth and how it relates to your income.

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  4. If you have been working on self-esteem issues, you could see the fruits from that inner-work blossom now externally. In the second half of the period Venus retrogrades back into your own sign. From Nov 1 to 16 , you are given the opportunity to really reinvent yourself. On the most basic level this transit can prompt a make-over. Changing the style of your clothes, going blonde or starting a fitness routine that alters your bodies appearance on the outside are all possibilities.

    But it does go deeper than that, and the shiny new packaging is really a symbol of internal changes too. Jupiter moves into your 3rd house on Nov 8.

    November Cosmic Forecast & horoscopes for all signs by Darkstar Astrology

    Relationships with siblings and neighbours are likely to be much better than usual and you may well feel a much closer bond towards your neighbourhood than in the past. Jupiter will be encouraging you to connect with local groups and involve yourself more in the community. A nice bit of luck can come your way through these new ties and you might find an unexpected new client base.

    Mostly though you should just feel very fortunate to be part of such a thriving network.


    You feel a very strong sense of camaraderie with the folk you come in contact with on a day-to-day level. One of the best uses of this time would be to do local research or a course of home study. Ceres joins Venus in your cash house from Nov 11 to 16 and is solo there until Dec This at a time when materialism can so engulf the true spiritual meaning of yuletide. Like they may have a job that takes them away part of the year. They may have to set time aside to a demanding extended family, an all-consuming hobby or the worst case scenario, a drug habit. This way Libra decan 2, will create a legitimate, inoffensive excuse as to why they cannot be full-time in their primary relationship.

    Libra is a cardinal sign so here we find 3 presidents of the USA and other notorious politicians. The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decans energy since no planets will colour its expression. With Libra decan 3 the brilliance and great fortune will be most notable in relationships. These folk can marry very well and their partners may well be the Mars power behind their throne.

    What strikes me though is sometimes the great success can be their downfall and they can attract equally powerful enemies.