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  1. November 9th, , Sunday | 13 Must Know Facts
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People born on November 9 at a given moment will have to fight against their inherent emotional instability — this is one of those obstacles that we mentioned. The ups and downs could be balanced, like every energy that needs to have balance or else they will fall deeply into an emotional whole. But many of the people who are born on this day can behave interoperable — they can search in others, for defects and will completely ignore virtues.

Some extreme representatives of this date can even radically humiliating partners with vulgarity and inexplicable criticism. The darkness is in them, and it can frighten the environment with dark judgments and predictions.

November 9th, , Sunday | 13 Must Know Facts

They can be envious and selfish lovers who have difficult to be with. In times when a relationship is falling apart, they can even exploit and deceive anyone who asks about their lovers. They rarely reveal anything about them, but they like to know what everyone else is doing. These people also remember for a long time and do not forgive if their lovers made some mistake. They are also those types of lovers who can be guided by lust and jealousy, and their lovers must know that one of the most important things to these Scorpios is sex, in which they want to dominate and have control.

Those who celebrate their birthdays on November 9 are sympathetic, kind and can keep secrets — very desirable for friends and lovers.

November 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

They have a strong will, but can too easily be misunderstood by others when they have something to say about certain issues. They have to learn to think with their head — their mind is strong, so they should use it. The best way for success is to accurately formulate goals, find perfect occupation as early as possible in life. In the end, these people should make sure that nothing prevents them from achieving this.

They need to realise that the power is in them and the success will come. Scorpios are naturally under the impact of the planets Mars and Pluto, but planet Mars comes into its place in the double form.

Planetary Row

Numerologically they are under the powerful influence of the numeral 9. First, we will speak more about numerological symbolism — number 9 has a powerful influence on other numbers because each number with a nine number gives that number. Similarly, people born on November 9 have an impact on their environment. This is the number of a transformation, and it will review everything these people have been through in the previous cycles.

There are many wonderful things about the month of November. If you live someplace with changing seasons, November is when autumn really comes into its own, and you get to feel the crisp chill in the air.


Supermarket shelves are lined with pumpkin-flavored everything. And you get to look forward to Thanksgiving, where families gather around the table and take a moment to feel grateful for all the good things in their lives. There are some health-related studies that show how autumn kids have a leg-up when it comes to feeling good and living a long time.

And, they come with good company. Hello, Leonardo DiCaprio! Read on to find out more fascinating facts about November babies.

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Studies out of the University of Chicago have found that babies born in autumn are more likely to become centenarians. Those born in March, May, or July were least likely to live to Get those birthday candles ready!

The Globe and Mail

Researchers in the UK showed that Valentine's Day — for understandable reasons — causes a mini-spike in the number of November babies. They found the conception rate rose 5 percent during V-Day week and the week after. According to research from Germany , males born between November and early winter are significantly more likely to be left-handed due to high levels of testosterone.

This may delay the development of a fetus' left brain hemisphere, which dictates right-handedness, causing them to favor the opposite one. You charm everyone you come in contact with. However, you could be guilty of being narrow-minded. This is hard to imagine as you are so open to new ideas generally. I guess the mystery will remain unsolved until you discover that you are not the only one with intelligence.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. If today November 9 is your birthday, you are among people who think before they leap.

November 9 Birthday Astrology

Thus there is little or no conflict in your life. You hate confrontations especially with people who you care about or are close too. Occasionally, you become sensitive, moody and impatient with others but you feel more secure being surrounded by those you trust… your family and friends. The 9th November birthday astrology predicts that as a friend, you will go the extra mile to make a relationship last.

Scorpios, when it comes to finding true love, are go getters. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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People may find you a little strange because of your approach sometimes, but it seems to work for you. Once you have become friends with your lover, the partnership could last a lifetime. The things that bothers your loved ones is that you are controlling. The November 9 birthday personality demands a lot from those around them but no-one takes you seriously.

Scorpio, you should relax and learn that other people are capable of handling things on their own. Stop trying to rule the jungle when all you need to concern yourself with is your own web. The 9 November birthday horoscope predicts that you have a tendency to overdo things and eating could be one of them.

We all have our therapy for when we get depressed but some things are not good for us and could have tremendous side effects.